Where to Shop for Your Internship

Let's be honest, internships or real jobs means real clothes -- like work clothes.  But no one wants to dress like their mom, so where do young, working ladies get chic yet work-appropriate outfits?  Check out these stores!



J.Crew's suiting is typically slightly trendy while also being sophisticated.  While it can get pricey, the quality is high and will last you well into your twenties (and if you're lucky thirties!)  

Ted Baker

Ted Baker has great suiting for women, but honestly a regular dress at TB would be just as work acceptable.  Ted Baker uses bold prints and colors to spice up any dress, giving a work-ish silhouette a youthful flare.  

Ann Taylor or Loft

Both are the under the Ann Taylor umbrella, but Loft is slightly more youthful.  (Keep in mind though that Loft doesn't have suiting, just Ann Taylor.)  I know your mom might shop here, but give it a chance!  Some stores might surprise you!  Also, Ann T is a great option for basics, especially pencil skirts.  



Express is not only great for going out tops, but also sells suiting!!  The tailored trousers pretty much fit anyone, and they are under $100, which is rare for work clothes.  Express has button downs, blazers, and pretty much all you need to look cute for your corporate job.

If your job really doesn't want you wearing brighter, louder prints, keep your clothes the monochromatic look and step it up wth jewelry.  Mix and match statement necklaces and chunky bracelets to let everyone in  the office know you still got it going on even with that gray, to the knee Brooks Brother's dress.