Welcome Trinity Class of 2020!

A huge congratulations and welcome to Trinity’s class of 2020! Picking Trinity to be the place where you spend the next four years is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. In addition to having wonderful and caring professors, we have a stellar campus for you to call home. From the gorgeous orange leaves that fall down Vernon Street in autumn, to the picturesque snow topping Seabury Hall, to the breathtaking magnolia trees next to the chapel in the spring, Trinity is always beautiful no matter what time of the year. We have excellent sports teams and by the time you’re on campus, we’ll have a brand-spanking-new football field and outdoor track! As it was not too long ago that I was trying to get ready for college and life at Trinity, I have created a list of advice for your preparations to move in this fall.

1.     Try not to worry about not being able to make friends. The whole first semester your whole class will be introducing themselves to one another and feel the exact same way you do.

2.     Make sure you bring a rotator fan when you move in. I can’t stress this enough for the very beginning and very end of the year.

3.     Keep on top of your academics and don’t procrastinate. You’ll be thanking yourself later during finals week!

4.     Bring lots of cold medicine and remedies with you. When the annual Trinfluenza epidemic hits, the dorms turn into giant petri dishes.

5.     Command strips are BAE when it comes to hanging up wall décor- nothing works better!

6.     Enroll in classes that you’d never be able to learn otherwise. So many of the classes I thought weren’t “me” turned out to be my favorite ones.

7.     Take a squash class before graduation. You should learn to play the sport Trinity is known for.

8.     Go to your professors’ office hours in the beginning of the semester to introduce yourself and get to know them. It’ll pay off that you did!

9.     Don’t be embarrassed to snap that chapel pic with great lighting. Everyone does it!

10. If you can, enroll in the 15 Flex meal plan. This especially goes for those of you living in North next year. Having options other than just Mather for every meal is wonderful.

11. Don’t buy bed risers. All of the beds on campus can be raised so high that you need a step stool to get in bed or lowered to the floor.

12. The laundry machines just require your school ID, no quarters! My poor mother saved all of the quarters in the house for months only for me to never need them.

13. Time flies when you’re in college, so take time to really enjoy every minute of it!