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#WCW Tess Bloomquist ’16

Name: Tess Bloomquist

Hometown: Branford, CT

Major: Neuroscience 

Involvement on Campus: Trinity Pipes, Quest Leader, Neuroscience Research Assistant, Writing Center Coordinator, Registrar’s Assistant 

Relationship Status: My dog kissed me last weekend ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



Describe yourself in three words: positive, tenacious, adventurous 

#1 on your bucket list: Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Favorite Aspect of Trinity: Alison Draper

Three things you want with you if stuck on a mountain: 

  1. A group of friends… are you really “stuck” if you’re surrounded by people you love?!
  2. Squirrel suits so we could jump off the mountain and get to shelter
  3. A medic waiting at the bottom incase the flight doesn’t go super well

Favorite Movie: She’s The Man

Favorite Playlist on Spotify: Whatever plays late night at the Hall

Favorite Disney Movie: Do Disney Channel Original Movies count? If so, Double Teamed

Dream Travel Destination: I’d love to see the Northern Lights from the Faroe Islands 

Most Inspiring Person: Jane Goodall. I go ape shit for that lady!

If you could trade places with one person for a day, who would it be?: An astronaut in space right now. I’d love to explore space for a day but I don’t think I could commit to the lifestyle required of an astronaut. 

Fun Fact about Yourself: My two front teeth are fake 

Favorite Snack: Mango

Standout Childhood Memory: I was quite the feminist when I was little so I used to say “Agirl” instead of “Amen” in church.

Most embarrassing moment: Freshman year I walked by my RA’s room and offered my pals what I thought were Godiva chocolates. They were condoms…

Favorite Movie Quote: “It’s coming out of me like lava!” (Bridesmaids)

Favorite Song to Sing: I’d say my voice is quite comparable to Beyonce’s, so like, probably anything by her!

Secretly Addicted To…: Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds. I frequently make myself sick from eating too many…

On a Saturday afternoon, we can find you…: Soaking in some sunshine and fresh air while strolling around the West Hartford Reservoir with Livia Wyss

Favorite Party Theme: ANY THEME! I love having an excuse to wear a costume. 

Favorite Word: Groovy

Go-To Pick Up Line: I have snacks in my room, you hungry?!

Shout Outs to anyone in particular?: The ladies of Crescent Street 39. Heard they’re having a killer “Animal Party” this Saturday!

Kelly is a junior at Trinity College, double majoring in English and American Studies. Besides being the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus, she is a barista at Peter B's Espresso, Features Editor of The Trinity Tripod, and a member of the executive council for SGA.
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