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#WCW Jenn Martin ’18

Name: Jenn Martin

Hometown: Ridgewood, NJ 

Major: Public Policy and Law

Involvement on Campus: Head Tour Guide, ACES, Barnyard

Relationship Status: In a relationship 



Dream date: Start the day by doing something fun like hiking, skiing, or going to the beach and end it by cooking dinner together and watching an old movie.   

Six word story: Pick me, choose me, love me 

Favorite part of Trinity: My roommates, if you don’t know them you are missing out 

Accomplishments at Trinity: 3 and a half semesters in and I’m still using the same ID card as day 1.  

Hidden talents: I can quote Elf and Legally Blonde verbatim (it makes watching those movies with me very annoying).  

Presidential crush: JFBæ

Go-to pick-up line: I like your shirt, is it made of boyfriend material?

Favorite party: Anything on the quad

Favorite binge-worthy TV show: The Office is definitely my favorite show but for binge watching purposes I’d have to say anything on the Food Network.  

Best spot off-campus: Grants for Sunday brunch 

Top of your bucket list: My brother is 12, and when he turns 18 we want to go skydiving, my mom isn’t thrilled.    

Song constantly on repeat: You Belong With Me (Taylor Swift) 

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