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Tina Fey’s New Show

Well the visionary, Tina Fey, can officially add a new show to her resume.  In case you are living under a rock, Tina Fey is the writer (and for many of these, also the creator/producer) of 30 Rock, Mean Girls, Sisters, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt — just to name a few.

Tina’s new show is in partnership with Robert Carlock.  Carlock was the producer of both 30 Rock and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which means we are in for a treat.  NBC just greenlit the pilot, which will be called the Sackett Sisters. 

They picked it up for the pilot and then the network will see where to go from there, whether they want to give it a whole season or not.  But after the success of 30 Rock and Tina’s time on Saturday Night Live, I have a sneaky feeling the world will fall in love with the Sackett Sisters, and so will NBC. 

NBC describes the premise of the show as: “The pilot will follow two estranged sisters who do something heroic together, on the level of Sully Sullenberger’s heroics. When they are faced with a newfound notoriety, they have to learn to deal with it together.” 

Two sisters trying to deal with something together?  Sounds like a familiar subject for Tina.  This past summer, Tina and bestie, Amy Poehler co-wrote and starred in Sisters, a comedy about two sisters who throw one last blow-out party in the house they grew up in before their parents sell it.  (Obviously nothing goes right, the house is trashed, there is a huge fight, and everyone kisses and makes up — just spoiled the whole thing, sorry.) 

For an added bonus, the writer of Fox’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Duke Del Tredici) will also be writing Tina’s new comedy. 

And the best news?  Tina’s new show is also going to have not one, but two leading ladies.  Though we would like to see more shows that only need one lead actress (but is still very hard to do), two is almost as good.  That is a lot of much needed girl-power in the comedy industry. 

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