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Tim Costello ’12

 In the spirit of homecoming, this week's campus cutie is Tim Costello '12.  Many of you may know him as the football team's star kicker, who unfortunately got hurt in the game against Colby this season.  With a great (and might I add, very good looking) head on his shoulders, Tim supported his team through the rest of his senior year football season like a true Bantam!  While one of his favorite things about  Trinity is that it's a small campus where you can see friendly faces along every walk to class, he also loved going abroad where he met new people outside of the "Trinity Bubble."  This makes sense for a social butterfly like Tim who describes himself as outgoing, friendly, and sexy (we wholeheartedly agree). When asked what he would change, if anything, about his time at Trinity, he said he wished he went out for the baseball team to round out his experience as an athlete here.  Come to find out, this campus cutie is quite a triple threat, having played football, soccer, and baseball back in high school.  So I guess it's no mystery where his athletic bod came from! While his favorite sport to watch is football,  if he was able to be any pro-athlete he'd be a famous golfer (just in case you run into him, this is a  great way to start up a convo).

You'll have a great chance with this eligible bachelor if you have amazing eyes and a nice smile, but of course a great personality overrides it all. Being a senior he feels like everything is coming to an end, so you best catch this campus cutie before graduation!

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