Things You Should Definitely Do Over Thanksgiving Break

1. Host a “Friendsgiving” with your high school friends- Make it pot-luck style so that nobody is spending a ton of time preparing a meal. Bonus points if you coordinate who brings the appetizers, main courses, and desserts and turn it into a literal feast. This is a fun, festive, and delicious way to catch up with your high school crew that you’ve been missing like crazy for the past few months.

2. Help your family members with Thanksgiving cooking- There’s no better way to score some culinary skills and bond with your mom/dad/grandma/grandpa/uncle/aunt/cousin than to help them out in the kitchen. It’s a great way to get closer to your family member, and you’ll know how to make your favorite Turkey Day dishes in the future. Personally, my grandpa makes the best potatoes… It’s his signature dish that I always request for him to make for whatever holiday we’re celebrating. This year, he’s going to teach me how to make them myself, and I’m looking forward to becoming more savvy in the kitchen and spending quality time with my gramps.

3. Pay a visit to the city that you’re missing- Whether your hometown is a 45-minute train ride from glamorous New York City like mine, or you’re from “just outside of boston” (like most Trin kids, let’s be real here), most people have a city that they’re missing while living away at college. While Hartford is an incredible city to be in, I can’t help but think about how much I miss NYC. With the extra time I have to myself over break, I’m making it a priority to pay homage to one of my favorite cities in the world. Even if it isn’t a city that you’re missing, visit the places in and around your hometown that you took for granted before coming to college.

4. Participate in Thanksgiving food drives (prior to the big day)- There are, unfortunately, so many families that have trouble putting food on the table for Thanksgiving. This is the time of year to spread the thankfulness by donating to families who can’t afford a Thanksgiving meal, many of them right here in Hartford. Trinity is having a Thanksgiving food drive where you can donate your extra meal swipes to help put food on the table for a family in need. If you don’t want to use your meal swipes, you can easily donate non-perishable food items that you have sitting in your pantry. Make an effort to help out this Thanksgiving and spread the holiday cheer. Talk to your professors and peers about donating so that all American families have the Thanksgiving feast that they deserve.

5. Go Black Friday shopping- Black Friday is the best day of years for sales, SO GO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT. Who doesn’t like discounts?! Go to this website if you want to check which of your favorite stores are going to have killer deals on Black Friday this year.