Stylish Summer Nail Colors

Lucky for us, summer is right around the corner! Here are some cute nail polish picks that’ll keep you in style all summer long:


1. Essie’s ‘Peach Side Babe’ is a fun coral color that’ll pop with your favorite summer outfits. Another bonus is that the bright coral will make you look even tanner than you are! If you’re super pale like me, this will trick people into thinking you actually tan at the beach… not just burn.

2. Essie’s ‘Coconut Cove’ is a creamy white polish. White is always stylish for summer, and cream-colored polish pops against bronze, sun-kissed skin.



3. OPI’s ‘Do You Sea What I Sea’ is an ocean-blue color that’s perfect if you’re planning on spending your summer break by the seashore.


4. If you’re looking for a paradise-perfect purple, OPI’s ‘Polly Want a Lacquer’ is a great polish for you. This pretty purple polish is guaranteed to pop anywhere from your hometown to a tropical destination.

5. Mermaid teal polish colors are in! My favorite one is Sally Hansen’s ‘Black and Blue.’ This iridescent, shiny polish is sure to wow!