Study Tips to Get Through the Mid-Semester Slump

Midterms are over, spring break has passed, the weather is (slowly) starting to get warmer, and the majority of Trin students are spending class time daydreaming about summer vacation. We’re all sleep-deprived, so done with the semester, and beyond ready for a fun-filled summer of adventure. However, we can’t forget that our grades are still important! With that said, here are some tips on how to get over the mid-semester slump so that you can continue to ace your classes and start summer break with straight A’s!


  1. Find a spot in the library that works for you.

Your “spot” in the library should be somewhere that caters to your study needs and is an effective place for you to get work done. If you get distracted easily, make sure you study in a quiet spot such as the 1823 room. If you prefer to study with some background noise, hole up in Peter B’s for the afternoon. If you need sunlight to make you feel like you’re not trapped in a dungeon, study on the top floor of the library during the daytime. It’s important to understand what works for you in terms of your productivity so that you can identify a spot in the library that enables you to perform your best!

  1. Figure out if listening to music is distracting or helpful.

Some people find that listening to music helps them to be productive while others find it noisy and distracting. The only way to figure out what works for you is by doing a test run! The next time you sit down to do some reading or studying, put on a variety of different songs and see what works for you. I did this the other day, thinking that the music would be totally distracting to me. However, I found that listening to relaxing music such as the songs from Ed Sheeran’s new album “Divide” helps me focus and get my work done quicker. Everyone is different- some people need complete silence in order to work efficiently while other students are perfectly fine studying to loud pop music.

  1. Do work outside.

Take advantage of the fact that the weather is (finally) starting to turn warm and sunny! Basking in the sunshine will make you feel happy and productive, which will likely translate into the work that you’re doing. The library has some tables outside that I personally believe are the perfect study spots on a beautiful spring day. Doing work outside is also beneficial in many ways, since spending time in the sunshine is proven to make people happier and healthier!

  1. Set aside study time in your planner.

Make an appointment with yourself to go to the library! When planning out your day, figure out when you have a chunk of time around 2 or 3 hours to spend studying. This way, you’ll feel more motivated to go to the library since it’s written down in your planner as something to do for the day.

  1. Work alone.

It’s hard to be productive when you have friends around distracting you. Learn to say no when your friends ask you to go to the library with them. You’ll be a lot more focused and productive on your own.