Stay Fashionable During Finals

The time is upon us again..finals. As tempting as we understand it is to lounge in your sweats all week, keep yourself in check (and in fashion!) with these easy, comfortable ideas to take on your school work.

Have a long day in the library? Stick with your basic looser fitting jeans to accommodate a more relaxed posture J, a solid pair of flats and a colorful sweater. The temperature never seems to be right, so be sure to bring a warm scarf to keep the heat in.  

If finals have you feeling edgy and dark, have no fear…Take out your favorite pair of paneled black leggings and pair them with a fun graphic tank and a cropped leather jacket. Finish off the look with a fun bag and pair of short black boots. How chic!


If you’re a comfort maven….grab your chunkiest sweater and most favorite skinny jeans to start off your look. Warm up your makeup with some brown tones and pair this wintery start with some lined moccasins. Rose colored lenses will help you shield the sun and keep your eyes on the prize.

If you refuse to let finals fashion get you down, pull on a neutral colored sweater dress. This easy to put on look gives an air of glamour to the monotony of finals week. Make sure to pair the dress with warm socks and a scarf to keep the look weather appropriate. 

Say no to sweats! And may the odds be ever in your favor.