St. Patrick's Day drinks

Top of the mornin’ to ya!! Now that we’re just beginning to step out of the cold days of winter, it’s time to celebrate everyone’s favorite Irish holiday! Here’s a guide for the best party drinks to serve and slurp while you’re snacking on corned beef and doing some Irish-step-dancing!

Irish Jell-O Shots: Make Jell-O shot mixture in three separate bowls; one orange flavor, one lime flavor, and one unflavored gelatin. Mix in your favorite booze and stack the Jell-O into shot glasses “green-white-orange” to represent the Irish flag. Add a little whipped cream and sprinkles for extra decoration!


Honeydew Martini: All you need to do is mix 3 oz vodka, ½ oz Peach schnapps, and ½ oz Midori (AKA green melon liquor). This drink is super colorful and will definitely pack a punch!


Irish Flag Shooter: Carefully layer ingredients in a shot glass in this order: 1/3 shot green creme de menthe, 1/3 shot Licor 43, 1/3 shot Irish cream. Doing this in order will give you a really sleek fade effect and ALL of your patty’s party guests will be wondering how you did it.


Irish Coffee: Add some Irish whiskey and a little bit of whipped cream to any hot or iced coffee to spice up your morning! Hint: This is on the secret menu at Peter B’s. Order an “Irish Duffy” and see what happens.


Mint Mojito: Crush mint leaves and two lime wedge at the bottom of a chilled glass. Fill glass with ice cubes and pour a shot and a half of white rum, along with club soda to the top. Add a little bit of sugar to taste. Garnish with remaining mint leaves and lime wedges. This drink is super refreshing and will give you a great minty kick


Are you someone who’s not so good behind the bar? That’s fine. Here’s my go-to lazy trick: go to your closest drive through McDonalds, buy a shamrock shake and spike it. (You might get a few dirty looks but it’s totally worth it for this dirty-ice-cream-treat)


Still a little hung-over from last night? Try using green tomatoes (tomatillos) for a cool holiday spin on your favorite mid-morning alcoholic drinks (or, one of the few).


Not in the mood for hard booze? Skip #1-7 and just order a Guinness. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!