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So You’re Stuck Indoors…

Winter pretty much slapped us all square in the face last week. The bitterly cold, unbearable temperatures reminded me why it might have been smart to opt out of a college in New England in favor of something in sunny Florida. I spent the majority of last weekend wondering why I was laying in my bed watching the most recent episodes of SVU (Stabler, miss you) rather than laying on a beach somewhere soaking in some vitamin D. That being said, TrinColl, I still love you and for that reason I want to ease my tumultuous relationship with wintertime because it comes with the territory. The cold temps aren’t going anywhere anytime soon so let’s make this work indoors. How can you keep busy and entertained? Here are some ideas.


Play a board game.

They’re not just for kids. Get your friends together and play some of your childhood favorites like Apples to Apples or Jenga. Enjoy some good old fashioned fun or turn it into something with a 21+ twist.


Get crafty with a DIY dorm room improvement project.

Crafts are cathartic, not to mention tons of fun. Check out this Pinterest board for ideas! Not feeling the creative juices flowing? Stick to some practical cleaning and organizing. You definitely have some dust bunnies who have over-stayed their welcome.


Watch a movie with your friends.

My roommates and I watched Pitch Perfect this past Sunday and I can’t think of a better way to have spent two hours. Fat Amy is my homegirl. Don’t have a DVD player or Netflix? You can buy and rent movies through iTunes and watch them on your computer in a snap.


Pamper yourself.

Check out Amanda Keyko’s article on DIY spa treatments meant for the confines of your dorm room. Want to both look good AND feel good? Here’s another article she wrote on work outs you can do in your room, too. Not into cardio? Fat Amy demonstrates the horizontal run in Pitch Perfect so you should be all good.


Change locations.

It might be too cold to look for a change of scenary outside, but it can be really helpful to go from one indoor location to another. Try a friend’s room, the Underground, or do your reading for class in the library instead of at your own desk. Fight the cabin fever!

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