Senior Week 101 For Non-Seniors

This year Senior Week falls the week of May 15-19. For those of you who don’t know what that means, Senior Week (according to Trinity’s website) is “the period of time between the end of finals and Commencement that celebrates the graduation of the senior class. The cost includes all food, beverages, transportation, gifts, and events exclusively for seniors, planned by the Senior Class Committee and the Office of Student Activities, Involvement & Leadership (S.A.I.L.).” Yawn.

Basically, it’s a giant party. For those of you who have close senior friends and can stay the extra week it’s definitely worth it. Here are some tips on how to have a great senior week (even if you’re not a senior).


Find a place to stay.

Sorry guys, but unless you have a valid reason to stay on campus an extra week—and dartying doesn’t count—Trinity is kicking you out. Your dorm is not going to be open, so you’re going to need to find a temporary residence. You can go about this a variety of ways.

1. If you have a job on campus, boom. Problem solved—just make sure you clear it with Susan Sailsbury that you’re going to need that keycard activation.

2.  Ask around. You’d be surprised how many people do have clearance to hang around for senior week: see if you can spend a night or two sleeping on their floor.

3. Senior friends! Seniors are obviously allowed to be here over senior week, so see if any of your friends have some extra space. Remember, it’s their week though, so try not to overstay your welcome.


Think about food.

Food is not a thing on campus for non-seniors, so be prepared to spend some money. Either keep it cheap and pool for pizza pies with friends or quick Goldbergs hits, and come prepared with a bunch of snacks.

Don’t forget some good darty outfits.

Senior Week falls right in the middle of May, so the weather is great for darties (knock on wood)—and darties mean CUTE outfits. Come prepared with rompers, sundresses, and your best (but maybe cheap in case you loose ‘em) pair of sunglasses.