Samira Yazdanseta '15

Name: Samira Yazdanseta

Year: 2015

Major: American Studies

Hometown: Needham, MA

How did you become involved with Barnyard?

I was a non-athlete who also had little to no skill in the sing and dance department, but I knew I enjoyed being creative and hospitable. So, I went to Trinity’s activities fair and signed up for the event planning committee. I went to the first meeting and have been involved and loving it ever since.

What is your favorite event that Barnyard has put on?

It’s a tie between Trintoberfest and Spring Weekend.

What do you have planned for Homecoming Weekend?

On Homecoming day we’ll have a mechanical bull as well as 400 Trinity Homecoming sunglasses to give out

What is your favorite fall activity on campus?

I love a good football game and tailgate on Saturdays.

What's your go-to fall outfit?

All too often you can see me wearing a cozy fall sweater, leggings, and my Madewell archive boots.

Do you have a favorite fall drink?

 Chai latte. All day. Every day.

What are you most excited about this year with Barnyard?

Hmm..It’s hard to pick just one thing but I can definitely say I’m excited to expand Barnyard’s promotional division and launch our new Instagram account.

Check it out: @tc_barnyard!