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The Queen Herself, Leighton Meester, Makes Her TV Return

Ms. Meester made her television debut around 10 years ago as the bright-eyed, stole cold hearted Blair Waldorf, aka Queen B, in the CW’s Gossip Girl.  Now, post-marriage to Adam Brody (the it-couple for early 2000s teen drams) and post-baby, Leighton is once again gracing us with her presence, but in a much different role.

During her Gossip Girl life, Leighton was judged to the caliber of Blair and her friends – Leighton was followed by the paparazzi, showed up on every magazine cover, and was fawned over by Blair wannabes (@me).  In addition to the show, Leighton was also starring in movies (remember The Roommate?  Remember her appearance in Date Night?)  After GG had wrapped up, Leighton needed to a work hiatus for quite some time, but she’s back and she’s ready to act her butt off. 

Leighton is co-starring in Fox’s new comedy (that begins March 5) called Making History, which is about a time-traveling couple.  Leighton stars as Deborah Revere, Paul Revere’s daughter.  Leighton wanted a change for when she was making her return.  The bonus with the new series is that it will educate the American audience as well (mostly about American history), in addition to serving up laughs.  She didn’t want to once again to a lengthy drama due to the time commitment, but rather a funny, feel-good comedy.  Especially after starring in Of Mice and Men on Broadway, which isn’t exactly light-hearted, considering she was getting murdered eight times a week. 

We’re ready for you Leighton, and we missed you.  Xoxo.

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