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Links I Love: November 9, 2011

Laughing Baby
The recent power outages have caused an influx of babies running rampant on campus thanks to faculty and staff. I officially have cute-baby-fever. I dare you not to think this is adorable.

Unabashedly Prep November Playlist
This blog puts together a playlist and releases it at the beginning of every month. The music style varies, but it always includes new stuff along with old favorites that are fitting of the month in question. A simple click, and it downloads to a zip that can be imported easily to your iTunes. It’s a great way to find new (or new to you) music.

The Pig and the Fig
A blog created by the Mom of one of our HC staff writers! It’s a fun read for foodies. She tells you what to stock your pantry with and what tools to use, in addition to innovative and delicious-looking recipes. My mouth is watering already…

Best Fall Dresses under $50
This randomly awesome weather calls for equally awesome dresses. Glamour.com, I love you.

Hartford.com- Feed Me
A food finder where you can browse Hartford restaurants by category, price, and location. Incredibly useful for your off-campus outings.

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