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The Key Ingredients to an Awesome Holiday Friendsgiving

      Thanksgiving is the great American tradition we all love and cherish.  I mean we get to eat until our hearts content… come on who doesn’t love that! Oh and we get to spend it with the one’s we love the most like our family.  Although, wouldn’t it be great if we could also dedicate a day to our besties? That’s right! Let’s get ready for Friendsgiving and “cook ourselves up a big-pot-of friendship”-Hannah Montana.  Here are some tips to help you get started.


1.   Plan…Plan…Plan… and you guessed it plan: All huge gatherings like Friendsgiving must have a plan. So, coordinate with friends and maybe do things a week in advance so your not stressed. Remember being normal is over rated so don’t be afraid to order things like Chinese food or have a cocktail party instead of a gigantic turkey.

2.  Making a list and not having to check it twice: Invite your closest friends and make sure they are free to wine and dine. Try making a Facebook group/event or if you want to go old school make some cute invitations. You can’t go wrong either way! It is all in the Friendsgiving spirit!

3.  Setting the Stage for your big event (decorating):  It doesn’t have to be hard in fact it could be a blast. Invite a few friends over and make some drinks while you decorate your special Friendsgivng table. Here Pinterest has the cutest ideas! So check it out! https://www.pinterest.com/pin/255720085065396040/

4.   Games! Let the fun times begin: This is where you plan the festivities for the night. After stuffing your face with some delicious pumpkin pie you might want to play some board games or some fun trivia! As always if you are too tired you could always go for the classics fun movie and just relax. It’s your night.

5.  Leftovers: At the end of the day we all know we can’t finish all that food! So pack it all up and share it amongst friends and family. Even though your night may come to a gloriously full end your friends will cherish it forever. Happy Friendsgiving everyone!

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