How to Have the Best (New England) Fall Ever!

1.         Pick your own pumpkin

At a pumpkin patch, you can expect to spend a crisp autumn afternoon among rows of orange pumpkins, trying to pick out the perfect one.  Pickin’ Patch is a family farm that offers pumpkin picking in the fall time. The farm is a mere 25 minute drive from Trin! In addition to pumpkin picking, Pickin’ Patch offers an apple fritter station (yum!), fresh apple cider, a selection of fall decorations to spice up your dorm room, and more. The gorgeous, sprawling farm is open daily from 9am until 6pm. Put on your fall riding boots and a cozy flannel, and spend the day pumpkin picking at this beautiful Avon, Connecticut farm.

2.         Go apple picking

Apple picking is another great way to spend an autumn day in the gorgeous New England. I had a great experience apple picking last weekend at Rogers Orchard. The farm, a short drive from Trinity, offers acres of delicious apples to pick from. There’s no better way to spend a fall day than strolling through the apple fields with your friends with the golden fall sunshine keeping you warm. In addition to apple picking, Rogers Orchards has a farm store where they sell fresh cinnamon donuts, in addition to homemade and hand-picked goodies. 

3.         Spend the afternoon/evening at Lake Compounce

As Trinity students, we are so lucky that Lake Compounce is only a short 30 minute drive from campus. Many people think that amusement parks are for the summertime, but Lake Compounce breaks this stereotype with their incredible haunted graveyard attraction. Be prepared to be scared as you venture one mile through terrifying catacombs, a haunted graveyard, a vampire’s lair, a witch’s home, a foggy lake, and a dark temple. In addition to the scary journey through the graveyard attraction, you can enjoy the other rides that the theme park has to offer including an old wooden coaster, a pirate ship ride, spinning swings, and more. A ticket for a fun-filled afternoon of rides and thrills goes for just $32.99, and the park is open through October 30th on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. You will feel very New England at this old amusement park!  

4.         Soak in the beauty of fall on a hike  

The best way to take in the gorgeous fall foilage is by going on a hike. I would recommend venturing to the West Hartford Reservoir to soak in the color-filled beauty of autumn in Connecticut. Grab a few friends and a water bottle, and head to the reservoir for a few hours of exercise and stunning views. You’re also guaranteed to get some great shots for your Instagram at this beautiful park!

5.         Go on a hayride

Head over to Riverview Farm in Glastonbury, Connecticut, a 20 minute drive from Trinity, for a fun fall hayride. This hayride will take you through the stunning roads and hills of the farm down to the pumpkin patch. A hayride through a gorgeous Connecticut farm with your friends is a glorious way to spend a fall afternoon. In addition to hayrides, Riverview Farm has a 2 acre corn maze, where you will find yourself surrounded by looming stalks of corn. It’ll be an exciting challenge as you and your friends try to navigate your way through the twists and turns of the corn maze. Last but not least, finish off your day at the farm with a sweet bite of farm-made ice cream at Robb’s Ice Cream Shoppe. They even offer a pumpking flavor this time of year!