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Holy Hangover! How to Cope

Being hungover is probably one of the the worst physical feelings I can think of, aside from getting run over by a bus. As if you needed any further reminder that you shouldn’t have taken that extra shot at the bar, or chugged that cup of PBR at Psi U at 2:30am, your hangover is happy to jog your memory. A hangover is life’s way of slapping you on the wrist so you won’t do it again. The odds are pretty good that you will, in fact, do it again so here are some tried and true coping mechanisms. There’s no miracle cure out there, but any combination of these tips will certainly help.

Alcohol deprives your body of the liquids it needs to function properly. The best thing you can do is replenish those liquids by rehydrating. Good ol’ H2O will do the trick, but fruit juices with high concentrations of vitamin C (try to choose something without too much sugar), Gatorade, or coconut water are also smart choices. I’m personally partial to coconut water because it has fewer calories, less sugar, and is naturally super-hydrating. You can find it in the Cave in the same case as a Tropicana juices.

Rest up
Your body needs time to rekindle the energy you left on the dance floor last night. This is obvious. Stay in bed and watch reruns of Laguna Beach season 1. Your body will thank you later.

Get some fresh air
When you’re no longer a member of the living dead, go outside and get some fresh air. It will do you the world of good.

Eat something
Even if you’re nauseous, try to eat something. Go for protein and carbs. Breakfast sandwiches on Fridays at the Bistro are an incredible resource.

Take a shower
The benefits of showering are two-fold. You won’t smell terrible anymore, as you inevitably do and by alternating between hot and cold water, you’re waking your body up.

Best of luck, girlfriends. 

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