Holiday Gift Guide for your Significant Other

When the holidays roll around, it can be difficult to find just the right present for your significant other. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking of possible gift ideas, but most importantly, they will love your presents and you no matter what!


A 2015 memory jar

Write down your favorite memories of you and your SO from the past year on little pieces of paper in a decorated mason jar. If you’re feeling extra artsy, write your memories on origami paper, and fold them into stars or hearts! Instructions for origami can be found easily on Pinterest. 

Price estimate: $5-$20


Knit/Crochet Project

From beginner to advanced levels, there are numerous hand-made knitting/crocheting projects you can take on to create for your SO. From scarves, to blankets, to sweaters, the possibilities of gifts are endless! I can’t stress enough how easy it is for a beginner to learn how to make a simple scarf or blanket. Your SO will love their cozy present and appreciate all of the effort you put into it! Instructions for knitting/crocheting can also be found easily on Pinterest.

Price estimate: $10-$30


Photo book

Gather together your favorite photos of you and your SO and put them into a photo book. You can make your own with scrapbook supplies that can be purchased at any craft store or create one on Shutterfly for as little as $12.99. 

Price estimate: $13-$50


Winter light show/concert/sports tickets

What’s better than a gift that you can enjoy with your SO? Get the two of you tickets to a local light show or holiday concert to celebrate the joys of winter. Hockey or basketball tickets are great for the sports fanatic in your life. Bonus tip: purchase American Hockey League or NBA Development League tickets for front row seats that are only about $25 each! 

Price estimate: $5-$100


Dinner of your SO’s choice

Everyone loves food and unfortunately, food is often left out in the realm of holiday gift giving. Take your significant other out on a date to their ultimate favorite restaurant and cover the check. Nothing would make your SO happier than a lunch or dinner of their choice. A free, delicious meal is the best meal after all. 

Price estimate: $20+


Lift tickets

Take advantage of the cold weather and get the two of you lift tickets to a mountain for some snowboarding or skiing. Embrace your adventurous side and hit the slopes! From bunny trails to double black diamonds, there’s plenty of bonding awaiting you and your SO.

Price estimate: $50+ each