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HerCampus Spring Break Survival Kit

Spring Break has snuck up on us again and before you jet off to whichever all-inclusive resort you and your friends have suspiciously booked, check out the HerCampus official survival guide! We’ve got you covered in all areas– from plane reads to hygeine hacks to last-minute items you should be stashing in your satchel when you leave for the night! Full details are below so make sure to read through our descriptions and click the links to shop!

Read on Your Ride Down:

Dirty Rush is a juicy novel by Taylor Bell about sorority life and all the drama it tends to entail, while The Intern’s Handbook is a thriller by Shane Kuhn that follows John Lago, an assassin disguised as an intern who infiltrates top-level companies to elilminate their crooked executives. With these two books in tow, your five hour flight is bound to fly by.

Nutritous Noshes:

Whether you’re anticipating a long day of travel or a long week of dicey buffets, it’s probably in your best interest to stow away some snacks in your carry-on or suitcase. Avoid hangriness or a potential case of food poisening by bringing along an emergency stash of your favorite protein bars. Personally, we can’t recommend Luna enough, especially the Toasted Coconut and Chocolate Peppermint flavors!

Quick Cops:

Right before you head out for the day or night, it’s always a good idea to check your bag and make sure you’ve got everything. For HerCampus, that means confirming you’ve got all things to ensure your safety— whether that’s a koozie to keep your drink cold, sunglasses to combat the rays you’re soaking up, or Sabre’s pepper gel for any truly sketchy situation. We’re not saying the girls of Spring Breakers could’ve avoided becoming Alien’s playthings if they had been packing this, but we’re not saying they couldn’t have either.

Hygiene Hacks:

And since you’ll most likely be in a bikini surrounded by crowds of people for roughly 80% of the week, your hygiene should be taking nothing less than the front seat. Keep your locks in check with Not Your Mother’s Purifying Shampoo and keep yourself well-groomed with Completely Bare’s Wax Strips. You can thank us later.


PS. A huge shout out to HerCampus for sending us this care package! 



Kat is a senior at Trinity College, majoring in American Studies with a concentration in Media and Communications and minoring in English. She serves as the Campus Correspondent for Trinity's chapter of Her Campus and also co-manages The Party of Two, a style blog that she shares with her twin. After graduation, Kat hopes to work in the fashion or editorial field. Apart from their blog, you can also follow Kat and Ash on their Instagram: @thepartyoftwo. 
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