HC Team's Favorite Professors

With registration hot on our heels, the staff put together a list of our favorite professors throughout the college. Good luck, here's to hoping TrinAir doesn't crash out on you.

Professor McMahon (Political Science): Many of our HerCampus writers have taken McMahon's American Presidency class, which, if you're looking for an engaging course in Political Science, can't be missed. It's the perfect mix of lecture and political and historical discussion, and I ended the course feeling like I had a genuine understanding of the roles of American presidents and the weight of their political decisions. McMahon is funny, charismatic, and extremely knowledgeable in the subjects he teaches. The exams aren't easy, but if you keep up with the reading and review the lecture outlines beforehand, they're completely manageable. The plus side is, aside from the reading, there are no homework assignments. It's a really interesting and worthwhile class, especially if you're looking to keep up with US Politics! –Allie Marchese

Professor Gordon (Art History): History of Decorative Arts was easily the best class I have taken at Trinity thus far. It's especially great for art history majors or students considering declaring as art history majors. This class follows decorative styles and motifs in architecture, royal palaces, and focuses on the production and creation of decorative arts. Professor Gordon is knowledgable and passionate about the subject and makes sure, by the end of the semester, that everyone has mastered identifying themes and facts about the decorative arts studied. On a more personal note, he maintained good relationships with the six students who took the class. Being that the class was so small, the students became friendly and close with each other.  The highlight of taking this class are the various field trips taken to the MET, art collector's homes just around the corner in West Hartford, the J Namnoun oriental rug gallery, and the Wadsworth Atheneum. The art collector's homes and the rug gallery were the most interesting and entertaining because they offer a hands on experience that usually cannot be found in museum trips.  By the end of the semester you won't be able to look at a building or really anything without identifying the decorative motifs. –Steph Taylor

Professor Lee (Psychology): If you have taken Psych 101 and enjoyed it I strongly recommend enrolling in Clinical Psychology! The course is taught by Professor Lee, who is also head of our counseling center so he has tons of experience and great stories. Class is always interesting, whether we are watching actual counseling sessions and diagnosing their disorder or presenting on topics such as ECT. If you are a psych major or just interested in psychology definitely take this class before you graduate, and get a glimpse of what being a clinical psychology is really like! –Amanda Keyko

Professor Johnny Williams (Sociology): I won't lie and say it will be easy, because it won't be, but I can certainly promise you that it will be worth it. He will call you out on your bullshit, make you question your values and beliefs, and push you to think broader and deeper than you could have ever thought was possible. But that's exactly what makes it worth it. His main priority is to teach students to think differently, to encourage them to question the status quo, and to instill a passion for knowledge rather than a mundane conquest for the best letter grade in the class. I can't guarantee you an A in any courses of his, but I can guarantee that you will learn something. My favorite course of his is SOCL-241: Mass Media, Popular Culture, and Social Reality. –Ashley Hess

Professor Michael FitzGerald (Art History): Although his classes aren't easy, he is easily one of my favorite professors at da trin. His extensive knowledge of modern art and techniques will blow your mind. Having now taken more than one class with him, I appreciate his dry humor and wit, making even the longest night classes fun. His classes are not for the faint of heart, but if you have any interest in modern art and are willing to put forth a little work, you will be rewarded. An avid an respected Picasso scholar, Professor FitzGerald is one of the brightest minds of the modern art world today, if you ever are looking for an art history class to round out your schedule, I would definitely recommend avant-garde or contemporary art!  --Samantha Rhodes

Professor Daniel Mrozowski (English): Professor M is by far the most entertaining English teachers I have ever encountered. He has an unparalleled enthusiasm that makes his class something to look forward to. I am currently in his American Crime Fiction class and would absolutely recommend it to both English and non English majors! –Natalie Behenna

Professor Stefanie Chambers (Political Science): Any Political Science course with Professor Stefanie Chambers is worth taking. Her academic interests primarily focus on minority politics, so I would highly recommend Women in Politics, Urban Politics, and her senior seminar in Racial and Ethnic Politics. I loved these classes because they require a strong foundation in the understanding of how American government operates, but they add a sociological dimension that makes them unique to the department offerings. All of her courses are writing intensive and she works collaboratively with students to improve their oral and written communication skills. Above all, she is deeply invested in her students' success and well-being.Professor Chambers is exactly the kind of professor that you want in your corner. –Sarah Gardiner