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You might still be bitter about classes being held on Presidents’ Day, but the promise of the upcoming Trin Days does cushion the blow.  From Friday, February 19th to Tuesday, February 23rd, classes are dismissed and you can finally get a little R&R.


If you stay on campus for Trin Days, take time to cozy up in your dorm bed and finally start that Netflix series that’s been in your queue for months.  (This weekend I’ll be starting One Tree Hill… stay tuned.)  If you do leave campus, explore Hartford and West Hartford!  It’s my goal to hit all the best restaurants in the area and this weekend is a perfect time to start.  Here are my recommendations:



Firebox (the Sunday brunch is especially good)

Agave Grill

Max’s Downtown

Vito’s By The Park


West Hartford:


Max’s Oyster Bar




If you go home for Trin Days (like myself) take this weekend to do your favorite things!  Maybe attend a Soul Cycle class with your favorite instructor or spend time with your parents (home cooked meals – enough said.)  I know I’ll be stuffing myself with bagels from my favorite New Jersey bagel place and day-tripping into New York for museums and brunch. 


The one bad thing with Trin Days is that while Trinity is off, no other school is.  However, this could be the perfect opportunity to visit your besties at their schools!  If you go away for spring break, that could mean not seeing your high school friends until May, so if you can make to a school, why not?


No matter how you spend your Trin Days, be sure to schedule in time to relax and enjoy your four days off!   

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