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Dante Ambrogio ’13

Name: Dante Ambrogio

Class Year: 2013

Major(s): Economics and Italian

Hometown:  Wethersfield, CT

High School:  Wethersfield High School

Tell us a little bit about yourself:  My full name is Dante Lorenzo Ambrogio (obviously I’m 100% Irish).  I’m an RA, Captain of the Trinity Golf team, and I am still a proud user of a Blackberry.

How does it feel to be nominated? Like a Boss (Rick Ross Grunt)

What’s your favorite…

  • Class taken at Trinity? Mafia with Professor Alcorn
  • Off campus restaurant? Peppercorns Grill
  • Book? The Great Gatsby
  • Place you’ve lived on campus? North Campus
  • Way to spend a weekend? Wash my car, play a round of golf, and watch the Bruins beat Montreal.
  • 90s TV show? The Busy World of Richard Scarry
  • Place to take a girl on a date? Fenway Park
  • Drink at the Tap? Shock Top with an orange slice.

Name 3…

  • Things you’d need if you were stranded on a deserted island: I’d only need one thing, a book on how to build a boat. 
  • Most attractive qualities in a girl: Personality, eyes, and tolerance for my mother.
  • Deal-breakers: Doesn’t like Italian food, stupidity, and political correctness at the expense of reality.
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