Cutest Olympians of Sochi 2014

Okay, okay, we know the Olympics are over, but we can still appreciate all the cute athletes! Here is our top list of cute Olympians we will miss seeing every night in primetime...

Gus Kenworthy has been gaining a lot of attention this Olympic season. Yes he's won two medals, but more importantly, he's making our hearts melt. Not only does he have a face destined for a Nicholas Sparks movie, but he's saving puppies! What girl doesn't want a good-looking guy with a love for cute and cuddly animals? Answer: No one. He's even got a sense of humor, check out his Instagram and Vine for some laughs! Better hurry up though because Miley Cyrus has been flirting with him all over Twitter… a little too much if you ask me. Lucky for us, Trinity isn't lacking in the snow department so Gus can visit anytime! Mollie Moroney

Okay, so Shaun White may not be the freshest face on the Olympic scene and no, he hasn’t saved any puppies (well played, Gus Kenworthy), but his maturity and incredible success certainly make him a force to be reckoned with. Eight years ago when he was just 19, the snowboarder stole our hearts with his goofball personality, his mop of red hair (which earned him his nickname the Flying Tomato), and of course, his killer skills on the halfpipe. Since then, he’s cleaned up his look, released a clothing line and video game, and headlined at Lollapalooza with his band Bad Things. Not only is this new and improved Sean White totally crushworthy, he’s also an inspiration to young snowboarders and young entrepreneurs alike. Lizzie Myers

Bobby Brown first burst into the freeskiing scene in 2010, and since then has been the (beautiful) face of slopestyle skiing. Coming off an ankle injury in 2013, he was expected to accomplish big things in Sochi, yet only ended up taking 9th place. But what he lacks in medals, he surely makes up for in good looks-and some great locks of hair. This 22 year old is a catch from Denver, CO and surely his career is far from being over. He’s expected to be on the podiums again in no time. See ya in 4 years Bobby! Annie Scalambrino

Nick Goepper is a cutie that should not go unmentioned! The 19-year-old slopestyle skier on the USA team from Indiana melted hearts at this years Winter Olympic games. According to NBC, in 2013 at the Dew Tour he was given the nickname "heartthrob." I think we can all agree the nickname suits this (unfortunately not on campus) cutie. He is known for his expertise and precision with his tricks and his unwavering determination for his sport. He used to sell candy bars and mow lawns to get money for ski passes before his career took off. Not to mention, Goepper is not afraid to admit he's a mama's boy and loves spending time with her. We cannot get enough of the bronze medal cutie. Steph Taylor

After a gripping opening round performance, it would be practically criminal not to mention TJ Oshie’s recent rise in popularity. Oshie, a Minnesota native who currently plays for the NHL’s St. Louis Blues, scored four consecutive shootout goals against Russia in the quarterfinals. After the game, he modestly avoided being called an American hero for his efforts, telling reporters that the real American heroes are the ones wearing camo. Oshie and his girlfriend Lauren Cosgrove are expecting their first child in April (sorry girls!). Allie Marchese

Although Kris Freeman’s Sochi Olympic career is over, it would be a shame to not mention this cutie. He is a professional American cross-country skier from Concord, New Hampshire and a member of the U.S. Ski Team, and the only reason we watched the entire hour and half long 30 km race. Before the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, but this did not stop him. Although he is the only Olympic skier with this condition, he continues to pursue his dreams and compete in his fourth Olympics, in four different events. He is a great inspiration, an advocate for diabetes education, and still single! Amanda Keyko

Zach Parise first skated into the hearts of Americans in 2005, making his NHL debut with the New Jersey Devils. The 29-year-old reigning from Minneapolis, Minnesota comes from a line of hockey players, his father and older brother, a former and current professional hockey player, respectively. Zach was a member of the 2010 Men’s Olympic Hockey Team who won the silver in Vancouver and most recently was a forward on the 2014 Olympic Team, where he served as team captain. Once the NHL resumes playing, Zach will finish the season with the Minnesota Wild. Off the ice he enjoys playing tennis, fishing, and spending time with his family and is a fan of the show, Modern Family. Despite not coming home with a medal from Sochi, Zach is happy to return to the States to spend time with his college sweetheart, Alisha. Hopefully we will see him in another four years representing Team USA in PyeongChang, South Korea. Julianna Masiano 

Joss Christensen makes up one third of the first US Medal Sweep since 2002 in Salt Lake. A 22-year-old Park City, UT native, Joss led the pack throughout the Slopestyle finals. His highflying tricks mesmerized viewers and judges alike, earning him the first gold medal in freestyle skiing. Outside of skiing and flipping in the air, Joss has an eye for photography (or at least Instagram filters…)! His account is filled with gorgeous mountain shots and fun times with Team USA. We’re just as stoked as you are, Joss, can’t wait to watch you win more USA Gold. Samantha Rhodes 

Congrats on a successful Olympics in Sochi, Team USA, we love you!