Culture Shock at Trinity

From the last time I was on campus in May, there have been a lot of changes at Trinity. I spent the semester abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland and I come back to a completely different school. For starters, I was looking forward to living in Vernon for the convenience of living above Outtakes to support my Hint of Lime chips and salsa addiction- only to find out Outtakes no longer exists! I know I’m not the only one who is settling back into life at Trinity (and the U.S.), so here are the thoughts of a recently reintegrated bantam:

The New Cave:

Pro: I absolutely love the addition of a fresh-pressed juice station. If the folks getting back to campus haven’t tried it yet- get down there and order a Green Machine ASAP! Upgrading to four different soups on any given day, new sandwich options, and late-night breakfast every weekend is one of Chartwell’s best moves yet.

Con: What’s with these not opening until 3pm on the weekend hours?


Vernon Social:

Pro: The super recent addition of the “did you forget something?” machine has been a life-saver. Haven’t seen it yet? We now have machines that will sell you the earphones, chargers, and Advil that you left on the other side of campus. Bonus: there’s also one located in the library.

Con: Again, what’s with the limiting of hours now at Goldbergs? Also- RIP Outtakes.



Pro: I’m digging the new items available for purchase in the to-go section by the drinks- in addition to a greater ice-cream and gelato variety and new glass bottle sodas. The new displays by the registers are also trendy. Speaking of- has anyone tried the Life Water? What’s that all about?

Con: None. I’ve missed Bistro fries.



Pro: Peter B’s now sells Nutella Rice Krispy treats that are to die for! Also, the directory signs throughout the library are super helpful.

Con: After living in Europe for four months, it has been a rough transition going from an overabundance of cafes to only having two sources of caffeine on campus.


ID cards:

Pro: Just using Bantam Bucks is so much easier than having to carry around pounds, euros, dollars, and credit cards in order to buy anything.

Con: It’s hard to get back in the habit of carrying a piece of plastic everywhere after not using it for nine months.