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Connor Proctor & Gus Dangremond ’14

As the winners of the Barnyard Student DJ Competition, we bring you Connor and Gus our spring weekend campus cuties! Come check them out when they open for Alesso Saturday, April 20 at 1:30 on LSC Quad.

Connor Proctor ‘14

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Simsbury, CT

Relationship Status: In a relationship

How did you get involved in music? I started making music on my computer in High School. Have had a passion for it ever since.

What is your favorite song at the moment? We Have No One – Robotic Pirate Monkey (Rodway Remix)

What was the coolest part of your show at the mill? I literally got chills when I picked up my saxophone.

Who is your musical idol? Derek Vincent Smith AKA Pretty Lights

What is your ideal date? Doses and Mimosas

I would never date a girl if she listened to…. heavy metal

Who is your favorite cartoon character? Randy from South Park

Favorite spring weekend activity? Quad golf

Gus Dangremond ‘14

Major: Art History

Hometown: Old Lyme, CT

Relationship status: In a Relationship

How did you get involved in music? I’ve been playing music since kindergarten and my parents made me learn to play piano. I hated it until I started playing guitar in sixth grade and I’ve played that ever since.

What is your favorite song at the moment? Favorite song right now is Janelle Monae Tightrope (Oliver Nelson Remix) and I’m getting really excited for Daft Punk’s new album.

Who is your favorite cartoon character? Favorite cartoon character has to be Otto Rocket from Rocket Power.

Favorite spring weekend activity? My favorite spring weekend activity is drinking some red stripes out on the quad on a sunny day.

Samantha Rhodes is a junior at Trinity College studying art history. An avid art lover, she loves to make trips to museums, long walks on the beach, and people who talk with their hands. Baking takes up most of her free time, and doesn't hurt her social circle either.
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