Class Recommendations

Here’s what the lovely ladies of the Her Campus team have chosen as their picks for the classes they would recommend to you! 


Mary: Professor Lewis’s 19th Century Painting and Sculpture was by far one of the most enjoyable classes I have taken.  It focuses a lot on Romanticism into Impressionism, and as an Art History major, this is my favorite period for art.  In fact, this class made me positive that I wanted to study abroad in Paris, where a lot of this art comes from.  If you ever wanted to learn more about the 19th Century’s history, you can do it in this class through all art forms. 


Amanda: My favorite class that I've taken at Trinity was Psychology 101 with Professor Kristine Kennen. This class covered a broad range of topics in the field of psychology, and I felt as though I learned a lot about human behavior and why we do what we do. Professor Kennen made the class incredibly engaging and interesting, and she had us participate in many fun activities to further expand our knowledge of psychology. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning more about themselves and their peers from a psychological standpoint! 


Meghan: I have two all time favorite classes I've taken at Trinity - Political Ecology with Professor Hussain and Medical Anthropology with Professor Trostle. They're both anthropology courses and are super interesting! 

Political Ecology focuses on new ways of thinking about the environment. Professor Hussain is especially passionate about snow leopards; I highly recommend asking him about them. 

Medical Anthropology questions our conceptions of medicine and treatment. Professor Trostle is a very engaging teacher which helps a ton. 


Sarah: It's hard to name just one... Here's a couple of my past favorites: Clinical Psychology, Genes Clones & Biotechnology, Prohibitions, WWII, and Business/Entrepreneurship History.


Kirstin: My favorite class I’ve taken at Trinity was The Strange Meanings of Things with Professor Barbara Benedict. As an English major, who could have guessed I would be referring an English class as my favorite. Through different pieces of literature, whether it be books, short stories, poems, or songs, we learned a whole lot about beloved items throughout history. These “peculiarities” ranged from jewelry and makeup to food items and porcelain china. Everything we discussed was super interesting and really widened my perspective on the many things people hold near and dear to their hearts.


Eliza: my favorite class at Trinity so far was my writing class this semester. The class is Rhet 128 and it is called Autobiographies and Activism- taught by Professor Irene Papoulis. The class is centered around improving our writing skills while talking about activism, activists in our life and around the world, and how we identify ourselves as activists, and what world issues we are personally interested in and passionate about. 


Emily: I'm an English Major and Philosophy minor, and I love my subjects so I haven't strayed too far from them. I love any classes with Dr. Dan Mrozowski, but really any professor in the English department is worth your time!