Cinestudio: Casablanca

If you've never visited the Cinestudio on campus, now is your time!  

The Cinestudio is showing Casablanca, the perfect Valentine's Day movie (or really any day tbh.)  From tonight, February 13th, to Wednesday Feburary 15th, the Cinestudio will be showing the film at 7:30!  Bring a special someone or just yourself as a study break, since this movie is kinda life changing.  

If you've never seen the movie, let me paint a picture: the time period is WWII in Europe.  Humphry Bogart (stud) is in love with Ingrid Bergman (beauty) and he is forced ot choose between his love for her or helping her husband, who is a Czech Resistence leader, in their attempt of escaping Vichy-controlled Casablanca.  It's sad, it's love.  The movie is also home to the most iconic Hollywood quotes, too (so now you'll understand what people are referencing when they say "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.")  The film was released in 1942, right around the time that the United States was releasing as series of anti-Nazi movies as war propoganda. 

Grab some cave popcorn and head off to the Cinestudio!  The Cinestudio is located in front of the library, tickets are $8.00 (remember to bring your ID!)