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Bria Lewis and Georgie Wynn ’16

Name: Bria Lewis 

Year: 2016

Major: International Studies 

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York 


Name: Georgie Wynn

Year: 2016

Major: American Studies 

Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts


What is the Princess and the Prom Dress Drive?

The Princess and the Prom Drive is an annual charity dress collection. People from all over Hartford donate dresses both new and used to the drive so that High School seniors on a budget can choose the dress of their liking for free.


What does it mean to participate in and donate to it? 

As college students, we understand what it means to live with budgeting constraints. In our experiences with prom – an American right of passage one might say – dresses are super unaffordable. It is important to help young women feel both comfortable and beautiful on their prom day. Princess and the Prom makes this experience a reality for all those who participate. 


How did Trin Aces become involved with the drive?

Majority of ACES members are women here at Trinity, and majority of us went to prom in our hometowns. So we understand the inherent stress that comes with planning in anticipation for this event, especially when searching for the perfect dress.  We collectively wanted to help other young women in the community both limit the stress of prom, and build and maintain their confidence. 


Are there any limitations to the dresses being donated? 

Everything is fair-game! It’s much better to bring in whatever you have, and let us decide if the dress makes the cut, rather than not bring it at all. 


Do you often get feedback from the girls to whom the dresses have been donated?

We do sometimes. We are actually able to volunteer while the girls in the community shop around. It’s both heartwarming and rewarding to see how excited they are when they find the perfect dress. 


For how long will the event be taking place on campus and where can donators find you?

ACES will be collecting dresses up until March 24th, right after Spring Break. We will be tabling in Mather most lunches and dinners. If you have a dress and can’t track one of us down, please drop of your dresses at the Community Service Lounge in Mather Hall. It’s directly to the left of the bookstore. 



Kat is a senior at Trinity College, majoring in American Studies with a concentration in Media and Communications and minoring in English. She serves as the Campus Correspondent for Trinity's chapter of Her Campus and also co-manages The Party of Two, a style blog that she shares with her twin. After graduation, Kat hopes to work in the fashion or editorial field. Apart from their blog, you can also follow Kat and Ash on their Instagram: @thepartyoftwo. 
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