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8 Signs It Is Fall in New England

After living in Florida for two years and being surrounded by palm trees and warm weather year-round, I almost forgot the fact that other places have seasons. I mean yeah, before I moved to Florida I lived right outside of Boston (I know…typical), but I never appreciated fall. Maybe it was because it meant winter was coming or it could’ve been because my parents made me spend my weekends raking leaves, but either way I wasn’t a fan. Now that I’m two years wiser I can honestly say that no place does fall like New England, and being on a beautiful campus at Trinity makes it that much better. These are just a couple of the reasons why fall is my new favorite season.

The start of the new school year

Probably the best part of fall is being back at Camp Trin after a long summer. You are finally reunited with your friends and Rashima can make you perfect eggs for breakfast when you’re hungover from your first night back. Also you get a new dorm room and possibly new roommates, which is always exciting, and I guess new classes are cool too. 

The pretty scenery 

We have a beautiful campus and fall leaves are pretty, so what do you expect? Also if the view at Trinity doesn’t suffice, there are lots of places around New England where you can go hiking and admire the foliage.


Sweater weather

It might be heartbreaking to have to ditch your shorts, but you finally get to wear sweaters and not overheat (something that I rarely experience in Florida). Also it is still warm enough to darty so what more do you want? 

Sporting events

Fall is football season, so get ready to cheer on Trin as they crush it again this season. Homecoming weekend is always a highlight, but there are games most weekends. Soccer is also fun to watch, as is field hockey. If you’re adventurous, you can also go to Boston to watch the crew teams race at the Head of the Charles. I’m a little biased because I used to row, but the Charles is one of my favorite fall events.


Apple picking

Apple picking is a classic fall activity, but personally I just go for the cider doughnuts…




I mean actual Oktoberfest in Germany is probably cooler, but who can say no to free beer? 


Although finding cute costumes can be stressful, Halloweekend is always one of the best weekends of fall semester. There are parties everywhere, and Halloween on Vernon is also a cool event. Most importantly, I have a huge sweet tooth and Halloween means candy is cheap and it’s socially acceptable to binge eat Kit-Kats all weekend.  


The end of fall means Thanksgiving, when you’re surrounded by family and delicious home-cooked food—two of the things I miss the most while I’m at college.

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