4 Worthwhile Subscriptions and Rewards for College Students

As college students, we are pros at finding any way we can to save. We are so familiar with living on a fixed budget that sometimes it may seem difficult to put aside some extra money for the things we enjoy most. With these student memberships and discounts, you will be able to take full advantage of your role as a college student, while also benefiting from some pretty great perks!




Are you a music lover that has your favorite playlists streaming nonstop throughout your day? Do you walk to class jamming out to music? Are you guilty of blasting music and singing along while in the car cruising? Do your friends always hand you the AUX cord when you all get together?


If this sounds like you, Spotify Premium for Students may be a good investment! Spotify works with students bringing the monthly cost from $9.99 to $4.99. Once you’re a premium member, you have access to newly released music along with all the oldies but goodies. You can play all music on-demand, anytime, anywhere. Your parents will no longer be on your case about going over your monthly data limit, because you can listen offline even when you don’t have Wi-Fi. There are no pesky ads to interrupt your streaming, and you can finally get the coveted privilege of unlimited skips.


Are you too lazy to head to CVS for your beauty and health essentials? Maybe you don’t have access to a car or you don’t feel like venturing off campus? Do you want to restock your snack supply without having to head to Stop and Shop or Whole Foods? Are you in need of a new source for on demand TV shows, movies, and music? Do you love buying stuff that you don’t need, but that you could convince yourself that you do?


If you’re looking for a place to grab all your favorite products and so much more, you should give Amazon Prime for Students a try! With this membership, students get the first 6 months free. If you fall in love with the service after that time, the year subscription is discounted at 50% off. Amazon Prime allows members to receive packages with super speedy two-day shipping, while also taking advantage of exclusive deals. As if these details haven’t already sealed the deal, members can also utilize Amazon’s selection of video, music, and photo storage. I love Amazon Prime because it’s a one stop shop for everything I need. I’m also guilty of binge watching entire TV series and movies that are offered on Prime Video!



Discounts and Rewards


Are you an avid online shopper who is always looking for coupons and who takes any opportunity they can to save a few dollars? Are you interested in snagging all different types items for a discounted price?


If so, you should consider signing up for a UNiDAYS account. UNiDAYS has saved me more money than you can imagine since my time at Trinity. The best part is it’s completely free! All you need is to do is enter in your student email and verify your status as a college student. Once that’s done, you will be saving on all purchases from a ton of your favorite stores. UNiDAYS offers discounts from fashion, beauty, lifestyle, food, technology, health and fitness sites. A few of my favorites are 10% off at Urban Outfitters, 10% off Asos, and 50% off Missguided. The sites offered and the percentage off changes from time to time, so you’ll be sure to find new goodies from brands you love!



Do you do so much shopping that you wish you could get paid for it? Do you have more luck finding the things you need when online rather than visiting the store? Are you interested in gaining cash back rewards for a huge amount of your online purchases?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, which I know you did, then you should look into joining Ebates! It’s completely free and guaranteed to secure you a cash back check with some unexpected money when you need it most. Ebates is an online site that partners with more brands than I can name, some of my favorites include Nordstrom, Sephora, Target, Lulus, and Lululemon. Through Ebates you can shop on the sites listed and gain a percent back on every purchase. Ebates even lists current coupons so you can maximize savings. At the end of a few months, all your cash back transactions are added up and sent to you in the form of a Big Fat Check.  Since joining Ebates, I have received a total cash back summation of more than $100! It’s safe to say that these savings are legitimate and worthwhile!