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2011 Men’s Intramural Soccer Champions

This week's campus celebrities are the Soccer Intramural Champs! You may not realize it, but boys on this campus take intramural sports quite seriously.  This team is no exception. The team was made up of Ned Dutton, Sam Pach, Jeff Devereux, Jeff Stuart, John Michael Mason, Matt Nestor, Jack Nettleton, Will Moreton, and the captain Jake Prosnit.  We got a chance to talk with Ned this week about their season:

HC: What was your team name?
ND: Our team name this year was "FOUR YEARS. ONE TEAM." We're pretty proud of the fact that we've stuck together as friends and teammates for four years, so that's where it came from.

HC: Have you guys played together past years? 

ND: Yep. As freshmen we lost in the finals, but then we won it as sophomores. Junior year, I was studying abroad in Italy, so obviously we didn't win it again (you just can't afford to lose your goalie). This year, however, the whole team was back with one thing in mind: winning another championship. It should be noted that the core of this team also participates in Kickball and Softball intramurals - our teams have now won six intramural championships. That's a lot of shirts.

HC: What was your record this season?
ND: We went undefeated this year, with a record 6-0-1.

HC: What was your favorite or most memorable game?
ND: It has to be the championship game this year. It got postponed a couple of times because of the snow storm, but once we finally got to play it was great to win and leave Trinity intramurals as champions.

HC: What was your favorite or most memorable play/goal?
ND: I never got tired of watching Jack Nettleton celebrate his goals. EA Sports needs to bring him in and integrate his cellies into FIFA 13.

HC: How did it feel to win?
ND: Deserved.

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