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Witch Week

I am the first to admit that some of my wardrobe choices in high school were not necessarily optimal; however, one beautiful, amazing fashion creation was born of my high school experience: Witch Week. Ever since my senior year of high school (the past three years), I have participated in a fashion holiday of my own creation. The week before the night of Halloween, beginning the Monday before, I dress every day in a different witch-themed outfit. From spider web tights to giant leather vests, my inner goth, hippie witch comes out to play. 


So why do I do this? Almost every day of Witch Week someone will say, “Wow, I love your outfit! I could never pull that off.” I participate in Witch Week because I usually think the same thing. I usually believe that I could never pull that outfit off, or that I would never be able to show my face in public when wearing some more avant-garde clothing items. 


But I can, and I do. Every year I wear some of the weirdest clothing I own and have the time of my life pretending to be a witch for the week. Social norms often control our lifestyle choices even when we do not knowingly comply. Unfortunately, this often means that we, you and I included, feel like we should wear “normal clothing.” That is simply not true.  We can wear tutus to class, and glitter to the bars. Crazy tights and leather vests are awesome, and space buns are for more than the hipster you see in English Lit.


(Inspired by Stevie Nicks, the White Witch herself.  Also, it was very cold!)

Please, next year, join me during Witch Week. You do not necessarily have to dress like a witch, that just happens to be my style. Be whatever you like, and call it whatever you like. It could be Mermaid Week or Potter Week.  Choose a style that you love but feel you could never embody. Then, embody it. Go outside your comfort zone, and you will be surprised by the outcome. I have received an overwhelmingly positive response to Witch Week, but what is even more awesome is that I feel more comfortable in my own skin. I know now that no matter how weirdly I dress, I wear the clothes. They do not wear me. 

(I honestly would have worn this normally, but it was too cute to pass up!)

Thus, Witch Week is about more that style. It is about a mentality of fashion and self-discovery. You sometimes need to try on styles or ways of being unlike the socially conditioned version of “you” in order to realize that you are more than what you have always chosen to remain. Everyone has a little magic inside them. Remember, anyone can be a witch. 

(I was very excited to go see Rocky Horror!)

Sophia Zahner is a freshman at Towson University majoring in History. She has a variety of interests including anything from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to thrift shopping. She is a slurpee enthusiast and avid DIY-er from Essex, Maryland who loves style, writing, and anything vintage.
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