Why Everyone Should Study Abroad :)

What is “studying abroad”? Study Abroad is a program in which students attend school in a country outside the United States and receive academic credit toward their major.

What makes you want to travel the world? Is it the cute boys? Is it the international festivities? Is it the pretty exotic girls? Is it in your family heritage?

Well let me tell you why you should want to travel the world and attend school. The world is just one globe inside of an entire universe. We all live in one specific spot on this planet we call Earth. Every place we envision is usually from a picture or word of mouth from a person that has actually been to another country. When people travel to different places around the world, they don’t go for very long do they? Whether you study abroad through your high school or college/university you will have the choice to attend for three weeks, six weeks, five months, or 12 months. Seems like a long time right? Yes it sure does, especially if you love your hometown, but the length of the programs will give you a chance to enjoy the country that you have always wanted to go to and do things that you have always wanted to do.

One thing many students love to do when they go to college is eat. Food is the biggest part of getting through a busy and educational day right? So why not choose a country that has some of the best food in the world. A student may love Italian food, so they choose Italy. A student may love Spanish foods, so they choose Spain. A student may enjoy eating Mexican food, so they choose a Hispanic country (you have Mexico and all of South America). Students that study abroad may love fashion, photography, writing, exotic cultures, different religions, and the new educational system. The world is full of opportunities and no matter where you go you will find something to do.

When you, yes you the person reading this, think about studying abroad, talk to your adviser and ask her what every country will offer. Start looking into what your major is and which countries have the schools to offer you a great education while you’re there. Start asking questions to people that have traveled the world, even if it’s just people that go from state to state. Start finding blogs and researching what to do and what not to do. Find things that will interest you and give you more knowledge on the country that you want to go to! Inform yourself about everything.

Think about it and just apply. What do you have to lose? Just go for it!

Eat, Pray, Love Rasta C: