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What to Wear to Towson Football Games

It’s that amazing time of year again to watch our Towson Tigers play some football! The defending CAA champions are back and ready to play, but they need tons of fans cheering them on. In order to support your Tiger football team, you have to dress the part! Here are some ways to make your outfit shout team spirit:


Make sure you wear black, yellow or both! The University Store has so many fun shirts you can buy, or just wear your own. Some people get creative and cut or design their own shirts to create a personal touch to their Tiger spirit wear.


Accessories are always a necessity! Your black and yellow is great, but the more school spirit the better. You can always wear beads, leis, hats, sunglasses, etc. This is where the fun begins!


Don’t be afraid to paint your face or wear tattoos. The University Store also sells small temporary tattoos for less than $1 each. These are perfect to show off your spirit.


Bows are another fun accessory! You can make or buy them anywhere. Don’t be afraid to dress it up.


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