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What I Love about Towson in the Spring

I love Towson in the spring. There’s just something about the warm weather that brings out the beauty of our campus. There’s always something to do whether it’s tanning on the the Beach or having a blast at Tigerfest, you can’t be bored when it’s springtime in Tigertown. Here’s what I love about Towson in the Spring:

The fact that everyone is outside enjoying the weather too

I remember walking from the Union back to Residence Tower my freshman year on a chilly day in March. I passed by the quad by the CLA building and not a single person was on it. The next day the weather got warmer, I walked by the quad again and boom, everyone and their mothers were out there. People were tanning, playing frisbee or just chatting with their friends. Just hanging out outside and soaking up the sun anywhere on campus is a great way to destress and meet new people. Just don’t forget sunscreen! 


Need I say more? The two-day funfest filled with music, food, friends and countless memories that will last a lifetime (or not, it’s Tigerfest after all). The first day of Tigerfest has inflatables, vendors and free food. The second day is the concert in Secu Arena. Last year it was Juicy J and Steve Aoki, and as the weather gets warmer the students begin to wonder who CAB is going to get for this year.

Towsontown Spring Festival

The Towsontown Spring Festival is the largest outdoor festival in Maryland and just happens to be walking distance from campus. The Towsontown Spring Festival has it all: delicous food, live music, arts and crafts you can purchase, and the chance to win a car. If you’re a Towson student I recommend attending the festival at least once before you graduate. 

Free Food everywhere

There are a lot of chances to find some free food at Towson in the spring. Whether it’s at the annual chef’s showcase by the Union or a CAB or SGA event around campus, you’re bound to find yourself some delicious food or Rita’s Italian Ice and save some money or meal swipes. 

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