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What is Houndstooth?!

Have you noticed that this winter it seemed like everyone was wearing the same black-and-white pattern? It was great! I love houndstooth! Yes, that mysterious reappearing black-and-white pattern has a name. Houndstooth is a classic statement piece.


It works for all ages. I’ve seen older ladies in houndstooth shawls, babies in houndstooth strollers, and teen fashionistas in houndstooth high-waisted harem pants. I even “borrowed” an 80’s houndstooth blazer from mom.

This pattern never died, but it really sprung back this year, especially this winter and we’re sure you’ll see lots of it this spring. It can be seen as a bold piece to any outfit or as the main attraction. Whether it be a makeup bag, a clutch, a ruched scarf, or a 3-drawer jewelry box—Houndstooth is a must-have pattern for your closet, your room or even your grandma. 



My name is Josephine Hill I consider myself to be an artist in every facet of my existence! Makeup Artist (MUA) - Model - Painter - Writer - Fashionista I'm from the D (M) V I currently attend Towson University I am a Mass Communications Major Contact: jhill24@students.towson.edu Follow me on Twitter: @LadyJo_LovesU Be friends with me on Facebook: Josephine Hill
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