What To Do With Your Leftover Halloween Candy

You’ve stuffed your face with candy, enjoyed the sugar rush, struggled through the sugar crash, and are still left with a huge Trick-Or-Treating stash. Have no fear: this is the ultimate guide of what to do with your leftover Halloween Candy!


Donate It

Treating others to your leftover Halloween candy is the sweetest way to rid of your excess goodies. Halloween Candy for Heroes and Soldiers’ Angels are two nonprofit organizations that send your sweets to troops who don’t have many ways to celebrate the holiday.

More information on how to brighten a soldier’s day can be found at these websites:

Soldiers' Angels - Donate Halloween Candy!

Operation Gratitude Blog - 2017 Halloween Candy for Heroes!


Creative Cooking

The chefs on Cupcake Wars: Halloween Wars might be professionals, but using leftover goodies in recipes that give new life to old candy is something anyone can try. Try putting M&Ms in pancake or waffle batter for an early morning sugar rush. Toss peppermints into a milkshake or sprinkling Reese’s over ice cream. If you’re looking to bake fall-themed treats, try making candy-filled cookies, brownies, or blondies.


Sweet Talk

For candy-coated lips, try turning your candy into lipstick. Mike & Ike’s, gummy bears, and gummy worms can be melted with non-toxic crayons and coconut oil, then poured into an empty lipstick container until they harden into a sweet lip balm. This Youtube video explains the process in more detail.


Mix Up Your Drinks

Mix peppermint candies, chocolates, or caramels into your favorite warm beverage: hot chocolate, tea, or coffee. The melted candies will add a punch of flavor to your everyday “joe.” Even replacing your plastic stirrers with lollipops can make your routine drink more festive. If you’re looking to treat yourself, put pop rocks around the rim of your glass and any drink is instantly party-ready.


Arm Candy

Being “hangry” in the middle of class is the worst! Fortunately, you can now turn your leftover sweets into on-the-go and fashionable pieces of jewelry. Embrace your inner retro by stringing candies onto thin string to make statement necklaces and edible bracelets part of your signature style.


Just Fondue It

Why spend a fortune at The Melting Pot when you can make your own chocolate fondue with a stove and pot? Melt your chocolate candies over the stove or in the microwave, and dip pretzels, fruit slices, and marshmallows into the pot. If you don’t own actual skewers, toothpicks work just as well and you lose the risk of burning your figures on melted chocolatey heaven.


Sweet Scents

Your new favorite seasonal candle will be made by yourself! Sorry, Yankee Candle, but melting Hershey sweets into containers with wax strings is any DIY-loving chocoholic’s dream. Follow the steps from this article to turn your chocolates into a fall-scented candle.


Host the After-Party

You’re probably not the only one in your friend group who has a sack full of leftover candy and a longing to relive the Halloween parties. Invite your buds over for a post-Halloween party, complete with a candy bar. The guests can take advantage of this opportunity to dump their goodies off at the party, where they can sort their stash into bowls. The trick is that everyone must take a bag of candy from the candy bar and the table has to be empty before everyone leaves. This way, people can grab their favorite goodies as a party favor, and you get rid of your stash.


Sugar-High Grades

DIY experts have given us the gift of instructions that turn candy into school supplies. Yes, you read that correctly. You can now transform your leftover Halloween candy into crayons. For more instructions on how to melt your spare candy into your coloring book’s best friend, check out this YouTube video!


Hopefully you have just as much fun getting rid of your leftover candy as you do collecting it! Happy Halloween!