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Towson to Assign Squirrels to Incoming Freshmen

If you’re a Towson student, then you’re probably familiar with the Towson squirrels. They’re always running around campus looking for food scraps by the dining halls or climbing trees. Since these squirrels are such a vital part of our community, the university saw an opportunity to increase school spirit. Starting next fall each incoming freshman will be assigned a Towson squirrel to care for as a part of their First Year Experience (FYE) program. During the first day of orientation next fall, the class of 2019 will be taken to the Glen Woods to catch their first year squirrel, which the students must care for in their dorm rooms. Incoming freshmen will also have to attend the seminar Squirrel 101, which will go over the basics of feeding and caring for their new pets. The organizers of this program believe that it will teach the freshmen responsibility and help their Tiger pride grow. I wish this program existed when I was a freshman — I love the Towson squirrels! 

Look at how cute they are! Imagine coming back from your 8 AM to this face every single day! 
























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