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Tim Hamel ’14

Year: Junior (should be senior but missed a semester) 

Major: Nursing 

Hometown: Parkville, but I like to say Towson, since I live by the reservoir

Relationship Status: On Facebook it’d be “it’s complicated,” but technically I guess I’m emotionally unavailable which means in a relationship. I guess? Kinda?
Favorite place to eat on campus: Susq. (although I haven’t explored many others as I’m relatively new to Towson)

What you do for fun on campus: I like to play Volleyball with my brother on the sand court. Other than that, I really haven’t explored because I don’t know many people here.

Favorite Music: I’m a DJ, so I have to like all music. From Sinatra/Buble, to System of a Down/Linkin Park, to Dubstep, and even country, and obviously the top 40’s.

Favorite book: I loved reading The Hunger Games Series. Haven’t read the third yet, but school will do that to you. 

Any talents you may have: I am a dancer, I guess you could say. Anything from Dougie, to The Wobble, to the Moonwalk, I feel like I’m on cloud 9 on the dancefloor. I can also sing a little bit, as I was in every school musical since 6th grade. 

Emmie G. is a graduating from the Honors College at Towson University where she is currently pre-law and majoring in English with a concentration in writing. In Fall 2013 she will attend law school.  She is the Vice President of Her Campus Towson as well as the author of the branch's advice column, Ask Andi. Writing is one of Emmie's favorite hobbies and she enjoys writing and editing articles for Her Campus. In 2012, Emmie was the managerial editor of and was published in a poetry anthology produced by her undergraduate class. 
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