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Tigerfest 2.0: What’s with the 2?

It is finally Spring here on Towson’s beautiful campus, and that just means two things; more people outside playing around and tanning as well as the best springtime event at Towson: Tigerfest.

Now Tigerfest has been one of the most talked about springtime events that Towson features since the tradition started. They've had past artists like Kid Cudi, All-American Rejects, Far East Movement, and many more. This is the big event that will attract many guests and deliver a full day of fun. However this year there have been some changes to the traditional event.


            The first change is the fact that there are now two days to celebrate. The past years Tigerfests have been one-day events, usually lasting about 3 hours. This year there will be a fun-day simply dedicated to the inflatables and games. In past years, the inflatables and games were available during Tigerfest while the concert was going on. This year it will occur as a carnival the day prior to the concert on April 25th at Burdick field. The fun starts at 5:30 and will have inflatables, games, food, and lots of freebies that us Tigers love.


            The next change is the location, location, location. This spring, the second day of the festivities will be held in the new SECU Arena. When I first heard of this change I was a little ambivalent to the idea. I loved the freedom of having the concert outside but knew that there was a possibility of weather ruining the concert (like it did last year preventing Wiz Khalifia from performing). But after quick thinking I realized that the concert being inside would limit the amount of students and I knew I had to act quickly. The last three Tigerfest concerts never sold out as quickly as the one for this year,and I feel as though the limited space was the reason. However, I am going to be happy knowing that the weather will not have an affect on the concert since it will be indoors. In my years of being a Tiger I have attended one Tigerfest, simply because the other was canceled. Having last years concert canceled due to thunderstorm and rain was by far the worst feeling, so luckily we wont have to deal with that this year.


The concert takes place on April 26th and the doors will open at 6pm as we party with Steve Aoki and Juicy J! Lets rage Tigers!


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