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Tiger Pride Day Recap

On Tuesday over one hundred Towson students got the opportunity to go to Annapolis for the sixteenth annual Tiger Pride Day. Tiger Pride Day is an event where Towson students can meet one on one with Maryland Delagates and Senators to voice their concerns and lobby for higher education. I decided to go this year because as a political science major I am interested in local government. I highly encourage everyone to go to Tiger Pride Day at least once because you get to represent TU and everything it stands for and be able to help make changes on the state level.

Towson students arrived at the Maryland State house around 9 and were able to sit in on a House of Delegates or State Senate meeting (random fact: Netflix original series House of Cards has been filmed in the House Chamber) and were recognized in the audience because several Delegates are Towson alumni and some had children attend the university. Students were partnered off and assigned a Delegate or Senator to meet with. This year students lobbied for several issues which included the Maryland Second Chance Act, an intern protection bill, and funding for a new health sciences building.  After meetings, there is a lunch reception with some legislators and the chance to network. At the end of the day a group photo was taken and the students were taken back to TU. The event was a success and a great way for students to show their Tiger Pride. 

Photo by Kanji Takeno, Towson University 

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