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The Stigma of Country Music, and Why it’s Totally Wrong

What’s the first thing that you think of when you hear the words country music? Most people would scowl, and suggest that country music deals with driving a truck, drinking a beer, and losing a loved one; but, the genre offers so much more than that sad, typical stereotype. Also, contrary to popular belief you do not have to live on a farm or live in a rural area to appreciate this type of sound!

Forget country classics of the past; I am not writing them off as unimportant, as they were the stepping stones for country music today. Artist such as Kenny Chesney have been lucky enough to have hits that span both the 20th and 21st centuries, and he has yet to slow down. However, country from the last seventeen years or so has grown to foster a wider spectrum of sexy, fun, and patriotic-oriented themes. Often times, these songs cater to the grandeur feelings of the summer time. I don’t know anyone who hates driving down the highway on the way to the beach or a bonfire with the top or windows down, and what better music to add to the bliss than country?



To many peoples’ delight, country music has become more diverse and exciting, merging with other genres. Florida Georgia Line has completely blurred the lines between new country, boy-band pop, and even light rap and hip-hop. Their songs like “God, Your Mama, and Me ft. the Backstreet Boys”, and “Cruise ft. Nelly”, along with their new single Last Day Alive on The Chainsmokers new album MemoriesDo Not Open have opened to doors to audiences who maybe would would not choose country as a first choice. Another obvious example of country artist success and genre assimilation is of course Taylor Swift; she revolutionized and popularized new country and then expanded her horizons to  dominate the global mainstream pop charts with her album, 1989.



Another usual complaint about country is that it is not danceable. This of course is completely untrue, and with the proper research, people can easily find hits from Sam Hunt, Blake Shelton, Keith Urban, and Old Dominion, to name a few, that are perfect for the dance floor. For example, there is “Body Like a Back Road,” “Sangria,” “The Fighter,” and “No Such Thing as A Broken Heart.” Thomas Rhett has also broken boundaries and records with his entire album, Tangled Up, and specific songs such as “Vacation,” “T-shirt,” and “Crash and Burn” have the ability to bring everyone to their feet.



From country, we learn about life, love, the summertime, patriotism, and a life of slower pace that has just as much merit as life in the fast lane. So, next time you are lounging by the pool or are lying on a salty beach blanket listening to the waves and roasting in the sun, switch on the Hot Country or any other Spotify country playlists. Or, switch to the local new country station. There is so much to explore and learn, and what you find might just surprise you and satisfy your summer vibes.

Hi! I currently attend Towson University with a double major in English and Mass Communication. I am actively involved on campus, and hope to inspire and aid as many collegiate women readers as possible.
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