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Staying Safe on Halloween


Halloween is less than a week away and if you do not have your costume yet…Yikes. Don’t worry because you still have time to make last minute runs to the store. But what’s more important than getting a costume? Being safe. Here are a few rules to keep you and your friend’s safe on the spookiest night of the year.

Slow Down On the Shots

It’s alright to “turn up” and drink (21 and over of course) but know your limit. It is never cool being sloppy, falling everywhere, throwing up, or being loud and out of control. Remember that people have boundaries and if you get too drunk you might become aggressive, touchy, or just a little too close to some people. If you do become too drunk, you might ruin the night for your friends. Your friends will have to monitor you and cannot enjoy the night themselves. Though your friends love you, they want to have fun too so don’t be “that person.”

Don’t Drink Out of Someone Else’s Bottle

Let’s be honest, not everyone can be trusted, even people you know. You would not drink out of a random cup or any cup that someone hands you. So don’t be curious and drink from someone else’s bottle. What they have in there may not be what it says on the bottle or you may not be able to handle what they can handle. Beware of the jungle juice and remember that is fine to drink it but be precautious of what’s in it and how much you are drinking.

Watch Out for Your Friends

First things first, if your friends are not watching out for you…they are not your friends. Being a true friend is reminding your friend to relax on drowning the bottle and the double shots. Most important thing of being a friend is not leaving your friends. Halloween night can be hectic and depending on where you go there can be a crowd. Sticking with your friends is the best way to protect you and them and ensure that everyone is safe.

Keep Your Hands to Yourself

No means no. When someone tells you not to touch them or you are too close, you should respect that. No matter how turnt or drunk you are, that is never okay to do. Give people the same respect of their bodies and personal space that you would like. Touching in the slightest way can make people uncomfortable and unconsented groping and grabbing are DEFINITELY OFF LIMITS. So don’t get hurt on Halloween night because you want to forget what NO means.

Be Safe Getting Home

After the night is all said and done, it’s time to get home safe and sound. Uber and Lyft both have discounts on Halloween night, because as we know, NO DRINKING and DRIVING. Don’t let strangers give you a ride home, you may not be at your best judgment but you can still tell who you know and who you don’t. Even if they are a familiar face don’t go anywhere with them. You should never go out by yourself, so you should leave with the people you came with. Even if you are going different places, keep in contact with them to make sure they get home safe as well.

If you and your friends are going out this Halloween remember to be cute and have fun and remember, it’s only one night so don’t risk it all.

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