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To Spend or Not to Spend: An Adventure with The FabFitFun Subscription Box

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Towson chapter.

We all know that as a college student, spending money can make us all cringe a little as we watch our balance drop lower and lower until that next paycheck hits. So, is joining a subscription box such as FabFitFun worth spending the extra cash? I decided to go ahead and give it a try.

I chose the FabFitFun subscription because it was a premium brand box and it came with a variety of objects that appealed to me such as jewelry, face creams, bags, makeup, and fitness related items. When signing up I was given the choice of how many boxes I wanted: just one or the yearly subscription. I decided to just start with one box to see if I liked it instead of dropping $200 right off the bat. Once signed up, I was then asked to take a survey that asked what kind of products I preferred to receive and what my skin tone, eye color, and hair color was. Each subscriber is asked to take the survey so that the box can be altered to fit their desires the best it can.

I signed up for the subscription in December of 2017. I was skeptical at first because $200 a year seemed like a big chunk of cash; however, the value of the boxes is said to surpass the $200 since each box is valued over $50. To test this theory, whenever I received a box I would look up each item I received to see what price they were selling for individually. I found that the statement was true, and each box did in fact contain objects that were worth more than $50 in total.

My first box was the editor’s box, meaning the box was filled with items from the previous year’s boxes that the FabFitFun editors deemed the greatest. In this box there were different face creams, a scarf that is one of the softest things I have ever touched, some bath salts, and some other miscellaneous items. Pleased with the first box, I decided to continue my subscription for the next year. Since then I have received three other boxes: the spring, summer, and fall boxes. Whenever I received a box, the day was a little brighter– I mean who doesn’t like getting presents in the mail–and I would already be excited to see what the next season’s box would bring. Much to my dismay though, I would have to wait a few months to receive said box because the boxes are sent out once every season.Unlike most subscription boxes which are monthly, FabFitFun is quarterly. Some of the highlighted items I received over the past year have been the Kat Von D eyeliner pen, Tarte eye shadow palette, Dermelect Nail protector, Luna bars, Cylo Bluetooth earbuds, and a papaya enzyme face mask.

To me, the FabFitFun box was like Christmas an extra four times a year. Even though I didn’t love each item in every box, there was always at least one thing I liked and some I adored and plan to buy again in the future. Plus, the items I didn’t want made great gifts for other people. Even though it is $200, having a FabFitFun subscription is worth it. College is a four-year stretch of stress, so why not treat yourself to a box of joy every few months?


Emma Stark

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My name is Emma Stark and I am a junior at Towson University. My major is Mass Communication with a track in journalism and news media and a minor in business. I am originally from Tucson, Arizona. I adore dogs, reading, and art.
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