Skin Care in College

College can be a difficult transition period for your skin.

Dealing with changes in the food, sleeping patterns and stress, it can be hard to find a skin care routine that works best. Finding a routine that fits your skin type and schedule are also very important factors. Whether you have oily, dry, or combination skin, it is important to wash your skin twice a day at morning and at night. Whatever cleanser you choose based on your skin type, it would be best to use a spinning cleansing brush to really clean deep down into the pores and get out all the dirt. After washing the face with the appropriate cleanser, it is important to rinse the face with cool water. The cool water helps to close pores leaving a smoother clean surface.

The next step is to dry the face completely and apply a lightweight moisturizer. It is also important to make sure that when you take off your make up, to take it off completely. That means use make up wipes first then wash the face using the routine above. Greasy foods need to be kept to a minimum when trying to maintain healthy looking skin, as they can increase the likeliness of acne. I’ve had acne almost all of my life and these tips have definitely helped improve the appearance of my skin. Since I have oily skin, sometimes I find myself blotting my skin multiple times a day, just to keep from having a greasy looking face. The best way to keep my skin looking fresh and clean is by using cleansers that decrease oil production but don’t strip them away completely.

Since college is such a busy time, making sure that you take care of your skin and keep a solid routine as well as follow these tips can help stay on track to having flawless skin.