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Say Goodbye to Expensive Makeup

Over many years, I have had a lot of experience with makeup and trying different products. There are so many different brands to wear and to choose from because makeup companies give you a lot of variety. Of course everyone wants the makeup brand that is considered the best, but most of that makeup isn’t cheap. We can all admit that makeup is on the pricey side, there is no denying that! However, I challenge you to consider that “best of the best” makeup, but in a cheaper form. Here are a few makeup products that I have gotten from drug stores that I consider phenomenal!

Foundation under 5 dollars…Say what? The foundation I have been using is Maybelline New York Matte + Poreless Foundation. This is my favorite foundation; it works wonderfully, especially if you have oily skin types and the cost is reasonable! It costs $4.99 at Target.

For my eyebrow pencil I use a NYX Auto Eyebrow Pencil. This pencil does wonders! It is such a great product that will have your eyebrows looking natural as ever and at a great price! It can be found for $4.79 at Target.

If you want that perfect concealer, be sure to try out Rimmel London’s Match Perfection Concealer & Highlighter. This duo is a concealer and highlight all in one! It really brightens those dark areas you don’t want to show and only costs $5.79 at Target.

Everyone loves a little contour to bring out their facial features. Well, with this Rimmel London Kate Sculpting Cosmetic Kityou can add contour while keeping that natural looking face. Not only can you add shadow to your face with this product, it also comes with a highlight illuminator and blush and it’s only $6.49 at Target.

If you don’t get a kit that comes with blush, there’s another great solution! E.l.f. is a great makeup brand with very reasonable prices. The blush I use is E.l.f.’s Blush Palette. This blush palette is very beautiful; the colors are so pigmented that you only need a little bit of blush to get a beautiful finished glow. This product also lasts a long time. You can find the palette for $6.09 at Target.

For mascara I use Covergirl Plumpify blast Pro Mascara. This mascara makes your lashes so much longer and stays on all day until you wipe your makeup off before bed. The brush is easy for application and gives you those long eyelash results you want! It costs $8.99 at Target.

When it comes to my lips, I use L’Oréal® Paris Colour Riche La Palette Lip Gloss. This palette only comes to $14.99 at Target and is cheaper than most lip palettes you may come across. The colors are extremely beautiful and compliment any skin tone!

In order to complete your finished makeup look, you want to add a spray of finishing setting spray. My favorite kind is NYX Setting Spray because of the pricing and its ability. With this product sprayed over your makeup, it is guaranteed to last all day and is only $7.99 at Target.

Go out and try those products; I promise you won’t regret it! Also remember, you can get these products at any drug store like CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, etc. I just so happened to get all of mine from Target because Target is my favorite.

Below is a photograph with all of the makeup products I have mentioned.

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