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Sam Janiszewski


1. What year are you and what is your major?

Junior. Entrepreneurship2.What is your relationship status?Single3.Do you have any hobbies?I play baseball and enjoy going out with friends often.4.What is your favorite place to eat on campus?Susq5.Where do you like to hangout?Anywhere with friends6.What is your favorite movie?Pitch Perfect7.What is your favorite TV show?Archer. How I met your mother8.What are some of your best qualities?I’m a people person and love meeting new people. I’m friendly and easy to talk to.9.Do you have any ideal qualities you look for in a potential mate?Good sense of humor. Likes to laugh. Outgoing. Friendly. Spontaneous10.What is your idea of a perfect first date?Have a meal. Spend time together. Go out somewhere.11.Who is your favorite celebrity?Neil Patrick Harris12. What kind of music do you listen to?I listen to everything. Mostly country, rap, edm, and modern day music.

MaryKate is Co President of Towson University's Her Campus Chapter. She is a Senior Communication Studies Major and graduates December 2017. She enjoys Indie Rock music such as Young The Giant, Arctic Monkeys, House of Lions and Catfish and The Bottlemen, just to name a few. She also enjoys chai tea, thrift shopping, Hawaiian pizza and Netflix as much as the next girl.