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Steps for Safe Sex

Safe sex. This is an awkward conversation for many; however, we are young adults now and we should not be timid when talking about it. Sex is natural and one cannot deny that it happens. Times are changing and more young adults are having pre-marital sex. This is not a big surprise.

These steps will inform you on how to have safe sex and why you should consider the precautions (just in case you slept through the classic birds and bees conversation).

What is safe sex? Well, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, safe sex is taking precautions to protect against sexually transmitted infections (STI). I would like to expand this definition by adding that safe sex is protecting yourself from wide-ranging infections (STI, UTI etc.), and heartbreak.


Prevention: [1] Condoms. The most common way to practice safe sex is by using a condom. Stores offer a variety of brands. Brands offer different materials, size, color, etc. (Men’s Health recommends Durex and Trojan). By using a condom, it reduces the chance that the vagina will come in direct contact with the sperm. It is also important to note that a condom is the only form of prevention that can help reduce the transmission of STI. (For more information about condoms visit http://americanpregnancy.org/preventing-pregnancy/male-condom/).

[2] Birth Control. Like condoms, birth control is a common form of prevention. Birth control can come in a pill, rod, shot, patch or even an intrauterine device (IUD). The pros of being on birth control is it can prevent pregnancy and there is no interruption of intercourse (To learn more visit http://www.plannedparenthood.org/health-info/birth-control/birth-control-pill).



[3] To prevent a urinary tract infection (UTI), one should shower and pee before sex. After sex, repeat the same steps. In addition, avoid switching between anal and vaginal intercourse. Yes, in movies the actors lay on the floor for hours talking afterwards; however, it is imperative you take care of your body and clean up afterwards. Not only are UTIs extremely uncomfortable, it should be a no brainer to wash up after sex aka a mini exercise.

[4] Now to avoid heartbreak, I would suggest you be open with your partner and make sure he/she is on the same page as you. It is important to know about their sexual history and vice versa. Do not be ashamed if you are a virgin and do not be ashamed if you have multiple partners on your “list”. These are your choices and you should not let anyone judge you based on this. Also, make sure you are on the same emotional level as the person you are sleeping with. If he has intense feelings for you, while you consider him just a hookup, that could lead to heartbreak. None of this should be awkward. Sex is about intimacy and if you are on the level of sharing your body with someone, you should consider addressing the above with him/her.

Stay in control of you.

Please note I am not a doctor. I encourage you to consult a doctor if you are curious or want more tips on how to maintain a healthy and safe sex life.


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